hello itchy sweater, can I offer you a drink?

Our ability to grow is directly proportional to an ability to entertain the uncomfortable." ~Twyla Tharp


Back to the Garden

Summer of Love---Lolly style.

It's a small but achievable dream


Take a sad song and make it better

If you want to have your world seem both precious and expansive at the same time, I can recommend taking a walk in the early evening when the sky has just begun to drape a gauzy sherbet-hued scarf across its clear blue neck. It needs to be summer, so when you pass by a high school it seems abandoned and frozen in time and your mind can fill it's halls with the class of, say, 85'. The school will feel like a big sleeping lion, drugged perhaps, so that you can get REALLY close and inspect its teeth, smell it's breath and run your fingertips along it's mane and maybe even throw an arm over its stretched back and spoon a little. All this will happen without your needing to stop. You may notice that 2 of the trees on a tree-lined street have been chosen as the official crow meeting place for all crows within a 2 mile radius, and you will marvel as the sky becomes scribbled with a mass of black lines and you will wonder how they all knew to meet then and there and why they perch together in silence. And, because of the angle of the setting sun, it will all be in silhouette, and you will unconsciously bring your hand to your heart and audibly inhale. All this will be on the way to a park and here you will hear a group of 5 or so children, ages 5-7 maybe, spontaneously sing an entire verse and chorus of "Hey Jude".


4th in '54 n' '83

independence day

4th of July may be my favorite holiday...FREEDOM!
FIreworks just do me...speed and color, thrills and chills. My new camera has a setting specifically for fireworks, how about that.



Off The Wall

and the planet.

One of my top 10 albums of all time. Thanks Michael. RIP.


The concept of summer vacation has failed to leave me as an adult.


But, then again, the mind can really be a lying sack of shit.






alchemy of stupidery

Here's something interesting...I recently read that researchers in the UK strapped a large lump of gold to the screen of a TV on left it switched on for 2 years. When they removed and analyzed it they found that it had been converted to lead.


upon waking

My first very first thought this morning was 'David Sedaris is sort of like a gay Woody Allen'
I wonder what sort of tone that will set for the day



easy listening

this song calms.


I think it's important to take one's winter apparel seriously.


ladies I dont know

but feel that I would like.

Best Alarm Clock Ever

if only Paul Rudd could do this dance at the foot of my bed every morning.




doesnt take much to make me laugh:

Charles Dickens walks into a bar... and orders a martini.
The bartender says, "Olive or twist?"



timing is everything if
you've got nothing but time


nature AND nurture

Artist Elaine Bradford's wonderful creations!

She uses window light to read. Essential window light.


Gatsby dippin'

there was a jauntiness about her movements, as if she had first learned to walk upon golf courses on clean, crisp mornings

F. Scott works a mean pen. Had forgotten how enjoyable he was to read.

Maira Kalman and I are opting for a moment of blissful naivete instead of deep question asking. Hurray.

sweet dreams

Camera Obscura by Abelardo Morell


Pray for the voices inside your head,
that they wont be there when you're dead.

missed connections: o4w


acquaintance with the night

An unexpected visit from insomnia ...
Why don't I hear all these things in the day?
The way each individual appliance makes it's own sound,
the refrigerator is loudest and has both a chorus and a verse
followed by the computer,
even the lamps make noise.
And my head is the land of unfinished sentences.


Me: I went to a dinner party this weekend and met some nice people.
Mom: That's nice. Do you think you'll see any of them again?
Me: Yes, actually. One of them invited me to a party she's having next week.
Mom: Wow. Thats like icing on a cake that already has icing!


do you remember where you parked?

Stunning pictures of the growing stocks of unsold cars...